What is Ignite?

Ignite is our weeklong service immersion component of ENGAGE. Each year we provide an Ignite experience at each age level (middle school, high school, college/young adult) for young people to dig deeper into issues of social justice, transformation, renewal, and solidarity through service. Ignite experiences generally take participants more than 250 miles from our Peninsula/South Bay home base, and we return after one week with a greater sense of connection to God’s beloved community — and, we hope, wider eyes for persons on the margins in the communities of our everyday lives.

Ignite California 2016

Our middle school Ignite experience is the result of an ongoing partnership with Sierra Service Project. Since the 1970’s, SSP has been providing opportunities for youth to build faith, strengthen communities, and serve others by repairing homes in rural and urban communities in the American West and Central America. The connections and friendships we have made through SSP with the communities we have served, as well as youth from other churches that serve at the same time as we do, have been outstanding. We are grateful for SSP’s mission, proudly participate in their ministry, and are thrilled about this long-term partnership.

In 2016 we plan on serving in San Diego, our beautiful sister city to the south. San Diego County is home to highest percentage of refugees in the United States — people and families fleeing conflict and violence in Burma, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, and Mexico. Last year’s work focused on the City Heights neighborhood, improving communities and creating spaces of safety and development for this vulnerable population.

Transportation, Accommodations, and Logistics

We will fly from San Jose Mineta airport to San Diego, where we will pick up our minivans that will move us around San Diego for the week. We will not utilize public transportation for this trip.

Shower facilities will be provided to participants daily. We will stay in a church facility; in 2015 participants were housed in a large downtown congregation that included air conditioning and ample space for sleeping, programming, and meals.

Meals and Snacks

Together with SSP’s commitment to healthy bodies, we restrict youth from bringing extra snacks to Ignite. Trust us, you will be well-fed! Beyond the detrimental impact lots of sweets and high-carb snacks can have on our health, since we are living in such small quarters we don’t want to invite our bug friends into the sleeping areas.

Regular Cameras Only

Everyone wants to capture their Ignite week in memories, and what better way than snapping a few photographs each day? You are not permitted to bring a cell phone. Believe us on this policy; if either FCCPA or SSP staff find you with a cell phone, it will be immediately confiscated and returned directly to your parent/guardian upon our return to FCCPA. (You will not receive it on the trip home!) Thus, please remember to bring a regular, plain ol’ camera (digital is fine, some folks go old school with single-use film cameras).

Leave the iPod/iPad at Home

Experience the freedom of being disconnected for a week. You’ll be having so much fun, you’ll hardly have time to miss the gadgets! Any confiscated technological device will be returned to your parent/guardian upon our return to FCCPA on Friday afternoon, not on the drive home. Please note that this is a policy of both FCCPA and SSP, and it is strictly enforced by both organizations.

Don’t Get Dress Coded

SSP seeks to maintain a somewhat modest and conservative dress code in order to be respectful of the homeowners and community organizations we work with, and to create a comfortable, affirming environment where all youth feel welcome, regardless of how they look or the type of clothing they can afford. The following are not allowed:

  • Sleeveless tops, tank tops, halter tops, half or crop tops. Bare midriffs are not acceptable. This includes tying up t-shirts in the back. Please leave sleeveless shirts at home. Skirts are also not a good idea at SSP, since we spend a lot of time sitting on the floor.
  • T-shirts must not be offensive or display any slogan or artwork which includes alcohol, tobacco, or obscenities.
  • No short shorts. Thrift store jeans cut off at mid-thigh work great and are more protective when sitting on hot roofs and the ground. Shorts must not “sag” either.

Please note that we have had a particular issue in recent years with short shorts. When in doubt, before packing, please check with the leadership team. (Basketball athletic shorts are OK; cross country running shorts are not.)

Send Us Some Love!

Did you know that you can send us mail — for which we must sing? Send a care package with healthy snacks or trinkets to the group. Send your daughter/son a postcard. Send the adult leaders some encouragement to get silly. Whatever you do, just send us something! Details will be posted in early 2016.

Forms and Downloads

These forms will be activated in late 2015 as registration moves underway.

  • Site information
  • SSP Preparation Packet
  • Packing List
  • Fundraising Information
  • Fundraising Log
  • Participant Evaluation (active from the end of the trip for 30 days)
  • Parent Evaluation (active from the end of the trip for 30 days)