Fun. Friendly. Fantastic.

Those are three words to describe JUMP. We get together to eat heaps of good food (sometimes even healthy!) and make awesome friendships. Our Stupid Games are an institution around here, and we love the chance to play our favorites like Zorch or Capture the Teddy Bear.

Our playing has a purpose, though, because this is a place where we like to challenge each other and grow in our Christian journey. JUMP is an environment where we begin to ask questions, take ownership of our faith, and explore what it means to be a Christian in all parts of our lives.

We look to create a safe, supportive environment for youth in grades six through eight where all people are respected, affirmed, and encouraged during important developmental years.

Our program meets most Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Youth Room during the school year. But since we know there are other places folks have to be, we take by-weeks usually on the last Tuesday of each month, so double-check the calendar to make sure we’re going to be here this week.